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Florida History

Florida's Lost Indian Tribes
Officers and Enlisted Men gather around
Spanish landing in La Florida in 1513
Bulow Plantation - Sugar Mill Complex Ruins
Tin Can Tourist vehicle
Old Florida State Capital Building
Swamp near Gainesville, FL
Kingsley Plantation - Main House - front view
Timucian Indian Chief
Bunnell-Turpentine Still - I.I. Moody on the right - circa 1910
Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom
Space Shuttle Discovery Launching

Florida has the oldest history in the United States (after European contact). After the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León came ashore with his landing party in La Florida in 1513 the entire world began changing and expanding very rapidly. Florida’s interesting history can be explored here…

Various Historical Periods in Florida’s History

Pre-European Contact

Indigenous peoples of Florida

European Colonization in Florida (1513-1821)

U.S. Territorial

Territorial Florida (1821-1845)


Florida Statehood (March 3, 1845)

Civil War and Reconstruction (1865-1877)

Florida during the Civil War and Reconstruction

20th Century

Florida in the 20th Century

A Brief Timeline of Florida History

10,000 BC to current

Five Centuries of Florida History

Fascinating Florida History Timeline

Florida's 8 Geographic Regions and their Interesting Histories

Florida Regional History by Florida Back Roads Travel 

The Great Floridian's 2000 Program

Distinguished Individuals Throughout Florida's History

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