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Jim Crow Era Images & Artifacts

The Jim Crow Era (1877 to 1968) created an historical racial divide in the United States. Most people who did not live during the Jim Crow Era have little to no idea of its restrictive covenants, literacy tests, poll taxes, lynchings, beatings, and other oppressive features that hampered the economic, educational and political progress of Blacks and other people of color.

Propaganda during the Jim Crow Era used racist imagery including caricatures to degrade, demonize and demoralize Blacks and other people of color. The artifacts of Jim Crow Era racist propaganda include tourist souvenirs, posters, kitchen utensils, food containers, various advertisements, television shows, movies (including some Disney productions) and postcards. Jim Crow Era Black stereotype characters such as Mammy, Sambo, Tom, Pickaninny and the more famous Aunt Jemima helped market and sell products ranging from pancake mix and children’s books to household cleaning supplies.

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