George Washington Crossing the Delaware - by Emanuel Leutze ca. 1851
Martin Luther King, Jr. sits on a bus next to a white man
Early Lepine Paris - Fusee Pocket Watch.
Gen. William T. Sherman - Battle of Atlanta
Grand Canyon - Desert View Watchtower
Tall Wood Masked Ships Engaged in Battle
Fort Christmas - Guard Building
34 Star Antique U.S. Flag - Rare Civil War Era
McLean House - front view.
Chaco Canyon, New Mexico
Benjamin Franklin at a printing press
Chestnut Street Log Cabin - Lebanon, PA
Native American Petroglyphs
Bread and Roses Strike - Lawrence, Mass.

“Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.”

This is a quote that is often used. It surely proves itself to be true over and over again as actions speak louder than words. The same mistakes that have been made for eons continually occur, and it confirms that the people who are in leadership and decision making roles are completely unaware, or ignorant, of the consequences of prior events that have been recorded throughout the annals of history.


This site is dedicated to preserving and keeping history alive and up-to-date and sharing as much information as possible.

Yesterday’s news is today’s history.


Obviously, this is a very challenging undertaking and new information is constantly being added.


If you would like to share information you are certainly encouraged to do so, and your contributions will be appreciated by many. Just email me at: and I will add your information into this site as soon as possible.

Fort Zeller - canal and creek - ca. 1745 - Newmanstown, PA

U.S. History

No Thanks to the Rich - The Working Class Built the Nation - (Labor Movement Poster)

U.S. Labor History

Florida Territory Map of 1831 - Includes the Seminole Indian Reserve (highlighted in green) in the middle of the Florida Territory

Florida History

Helicopter operations with U.S. solgiers during the Vietnam War
American Civil War - battlefield painting

U.S. Military Wars & Conflicts

Fun With History - People and Facts that are Mostly Unknown or Forgotten

Documenting and Teaching History Fairly and Accurately

Explore the Fascinating History of Clocks and Watches

Gilbert - 1880s Mantle - Res Swirl - Ful

CLOCKS: Some of the earliest clocks (water clocks, hourglasses and sundials) have existed within human civilizations for thousands of years. The mechanical clock became a very important necessity during the Industrial Revolution and played a key role in the development of the modern world. Many stories and pictures of various types of clocks are included in this website.

Mortima - World Timer - Super Auto - Wristwatch Full front view

WATCHES: During the 15th century in Europe, watches evolved from portable spring driven clocks. In the 17th century, pocket watches became the first mobile timepiece and remained in common use for over 400 years. During the World War 1 era, the more miniaturized and convenient wristwatch came into fashion and became the timepiece of choice for men and women. Wristwatches have evolved into various shapes and styles, and have incorporated advancing technology to expand their features and capabilities. Many stories and pictures of various types of watches are included in this website.