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History of Watches

Nuremberg Egg - clock-watch - ca. 1500s.
National Semiconductor - LED - Red Lens
Locman - Italy - Pearl Dial - Dial Close
Mortima - World Timer - Super Auto - Dia
Hampden - 18 sz - Fancy Dial & Case - Fu
Worchester - WW1 Trench Watch with Shrap
Fortis - Eden Roc - UFO Dial - Dial Clos
Elgin - Electronic - Blue Ring Dial - Ri
Benrus - 15J Tank - Left Front View
Am. Waltham - 18 size - 6 OZ
Ball Inspector II - Front Dial View_
Clock-Watch - ca
Croton - Engraved Art Deco Tank Case - D
Earliest dated watch known - circa 1530.
Dueber Grand - 12s - 17j - Recased - Ful

Evolution of Watches: From Clock-Watches to Pocket Watches

During the 15th century in Europe, watches evolved from portable spring driven clocks. The invention of the mainspring allowed for portable timepieces (watches) to be developed. Watches were rarely carried in pockets until the 17th century. Pocket watches became the first mobile timepiece and lasted in common use for over 400 years. Pocket watches surely helped the Industrial Revolution build the modern world. Their popularity started to decline around the World War 1 era as the more miniaturized and more convenient wristwatch came into fashion. In the 1930s, world-wide wristwatch production outnumbered pocket watch production and the role of the pocket watch drastically declined from this time forward. Pocket watches are still made today in limited numbers (some are high priced mechanical marvels, some are presentation pieces, some are mid-grade and many are of the cheaper quartz variety.)

Progression of Wristwatch Styles: From Bracelet Watches to Smartwatches

6 Part Wristwatch History Series Published in the Clock & Watch Bulletin

Since the appearance of early commercially designed wrist-worn timepieces (starting with ladies’ bracelet watches in the 1800s), many factors have influenced wristwatch styles such as wars, fads, art movements, technology, and economic conditions. This six-part series explores the historical progression of many wristwatch styles and reviews many of the characteristics that have developed since the 1800s. Before World War I, watch manufacturers in countries including Switzerland, England, and the United States were producing wristwatches in small quantities for a limited customer base. Wristwatches gained worldwide mainstream popularity following World War I, and production quantities steadily increased until they surpassed pocket watch production in the early 1930s. With the proliferation of cell phone usage starting in the 1990s, wristwatch popularity seemed to be in decline. Since 2013, however, Smartwatch popularity has helped put wrist-worn timepieces, of various and unprecedented styles, back in the mainstream, offering stylish models that appeal to all ages.

A Collection of Various Types of Watches

American Waltham - Authentic 6 Ounce Coin Silver Open Face Case - Key Wind and Set - 18 Size - Model 1877  P.S. Bartlett - 11 Jewels - Pocket Watch (circa 1883)


A collection of Pocket Watches that date from the 1700s to Present (and include various types including Open face and Hunters Case time pieces.)

English Hallmarked (Birmingham) - Fancy Engraved Sterling Silver Demi Case - Ladies Wristlet - 33 mm Across and 44 mm Lug to Lug - Enamel Outer Roman Numerals - Fancy Porcelain Dial - Silver Fancy Bracelet - and in Fantastic Overall Condition (circa 1884)



A collection of Antique Wristwatches that date from the late 1880s to around 1920 (and include the Transitional era, Art Nouveau and World War 1 Trench time pieces.)

Elgin -  A RARE Pink Enamel Dial and 14K White and Yellow Gold Filled Fancy Large Art Deco Tank Style with 15 Jewels Wristwatch - (circa 1926)



A collection of  Vintage Wristwatches that date from 1921 to 1945 (and include the Roaring 20s, Art Deco and World War 2 era Military time pieces.)

Enicar - Ultra Sonic, Sea Pearl 600, 17 Jewels Mechanical Wind Wristwatch - Fifties Sci-Fi Craze Influenced Design Enicar - Ultra Sonic, Sea Pearl 600, 17 Jewels Mechanical Wind Wristwatch - 50s Sci-Fi Craze Influenced Design - (circa 1950s)


A collection of Mid-Century Wristwatches that date from 1946 to 1959 (and include the post-World War 2 era, Atomic Age and Retro-Mod era time pieces.)

Elgin - Electronic Movement - Big Bold Barrel Case with a Colorful Blue Ringed Dial - Day and Date Wristwatch - (circa 1970s)

60S & 70S


A collection of 60s and 70s Wristwatches that date from 1960 to 1979 (and include the Psychedelic era, LCD, LED, Solar, Quartz Revolution, Electronic and Mod era time pieces.)

Croton - Black/Yellow Dial - All Stainless Steel - Mesh Bracelet - Date at 3 o’clock - Model: CN307148 Wristwatch (circa 2010)



A collection of  Modern and New Wristwatches that date from 1980 to Present (and include the Gadetry era, Mechanical Watch Reborn era and Brand New time pieces.)

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